Central Valley

  • Catalina is a 71-unit development on 7.6-acres with 4,500-square-foot lots. The homes offer three floorplans ranging in size from 1,260 square feet to 1,560 square feet. The community includes a neighborhood park.
    71 Units
    Tulare, CA

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  • Catalina features 51 single family homes on 4,000-square-foot lots. The homes offer three floorplans ranging in size from 1,260 square feet to 1,560 square feet. The neighborhood is conveniently located next to retail and recreation, along with easy freeway access.
    51 Units
    Visalia, CA

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  • Chandler Park features 113 single-family homes on 28 acres in Hanford, a growing community with a thriving downtown. The three- and four-bedroom homes with two- or three-car garages come in six floor plans ranging from 1,390 to 2,240 square feet. The homes have covered front porches and energy-efficient windows and fixtures.
    113 Units
    Tulare, CA

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  • Chelsea Place is a 40-acre community with 155 detached single-family homes in Visalia. The community has seven different floor plans and features a six-acre public park.
    155 Units
    Visalia, CA

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  • Chelsea West is an 18-acre community with 145 single-family homes in Visalia, a city in California’s Central Valley. There are five different home plans on spacious lots of up to 13,000 square feet.
    145 Units
    Visalia, CA

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  • Hartley Grove is a 50-acre rural community with 182 detached single-family homes. The one- and two-story homes come in five different floorplans ranging from 1,390 square feet to 2,322 square feet on 7,000-square-foot lots.
    182 Units
    Hanford, CA

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  • Mountain View is a 32 single family homes residential neighborhood in Hanford, California. The 1,443- to 2,100-square-foot homes on 6,100- to 15,090-square-foot lots will be built in Mediterranean, Tuscan and Craftsman styles. Mountain View is located 20 minutes from the Lemoore Naval Base, which employs more than 7,000 military personnel. It is close to Highway 198, offering quick access to major employers including Adventist Medical Center, Central Valley Meat Co., Del Monte Food, The Hanford Sentinel, Walmart Warehouse and Costco Wholesale.
    32 Units
    Hanford, CA

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  • Pheasant Ridge is a 73-unit development on 17.5 acres that features detached single-family homes on 8,500-square-foot lots. The homes offer five floorplans ranging in size from 1,260 to 1,872 square feet with two or three bedrooms and two- or three-car garages.
    73 Units
    Corcoran, CA

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  • Pine River Estates is a 37-acre community of 144 single-family homes in the city of Visalia in California’s Central Valley. The three- and four-bedroom homes range from 1,443 to 2,100 square feet on lots averaging 6,700 square feet.
    144 Units
    Visalia, CA

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  • San Marino features 95 single-family homes built on 26 acres in highly desirable northwest Visalia in the Central Valley of California. Built in French Country, Tuscan and Italian styles, the homes are tucked in a peaceful country setting yet close to downtown, shopping and schools.
    95 Units
    Visalia, CA

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  • Savanah is a 231-home development on 80 acres in Tulare, part of California’s Central Valley. There are five floorplans ranging from 1,390-square feet to 2,322 square feet on 5,000-square-foot lots and is within walking distance to the Tulare Santa Fe Trail.
    231 Units
    Tulare, CA

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  • Sedona is a community of 106 single-family homes located within the 25-acre master plan community of Palo Verde that will eventually include 110 acres and 350 homes. The project consists of two- to four-bedroom homes with five floor plans. It is located close to the popular Santa Fe Trail and an hour from Sequoia National Park.
    106 Units
    Tulare, CA

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  • Tuscany is a 73-acre development of 116 lots in northwest Bakersfield, where attractively priced homes are becoming increasingly difficult to find because of the area’s highly ranked schools, high income levels and rising home prices. There are two communities featuring seven floorplans on home sites ranging from 8,800-square-feet to 18,000-square-feet.
    116 Units
    Bakersfield, CA

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  • Viscaya is a master-planned community of 87 single-family homes on 22 acres in the Central Valley city of Dinuba, CA. The three- and four-bedroom homes feature floor plans with Mediterranean, Tuscan and Craftsman designs. They range in size from 1,443 to 2,100 square feet on lots averaging 7,000 square feet.
    87 Units
    Dinuba, CA

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