What Sets Presidio Apart

Focused – Our expertise is in providing capital for residential development with strong fundamentals and potential for an appropriate rate of return. We carefully select our partners based on financial analysis, project strength, and sponsor abilities, tempered by years of experience and lessons from the real world.

Agile – Presidio is not the biggest capital provider, nor do we aspire to be. We remain small enough to know our builders and developers well. We work closely with them as a team to drill down into deals to find the solution that works for everyone.

Decisive – Our team is nimble and quick to respond. No time is wasted with multiple layers of approval. Our decision-making process is so streamlined and efficient, our partners are never kept waiting when time is of the essence.

Grounded – We believe the core of most successful businesses is long-term relationships. We invite you to ask our current and former partners, such as Van Daele Homes, CalWest Living, Lafferty Communities, Family Development Group, Grupe, Pebble Creek Land Company, San Joaquin Valley Homes, Cornerstone Communities, Oakpointe Communities, Coastal Community Builders, Summit Homes, BlackPine Communities, Williams Communities and others about their dealings with Presidio.

Seasoned – Presidio Principal Don Faye is a 30-year veteran of real estate operations, including project finance, project feasibility, partnership negotiations, risk management, asset management and corporate planning. Principal Paul Lucatuorto is an institutional land investment expert with more than 25 years of experience managing institutional capital. With more than 500 joint ventures and loans funded, the Presidio team is well experienced in the residential, development and construction arena.

Experienced – Don Faye, along with the other principals and associates including Paul Lucatuorto, brings a well-rounded perspective to projects as they have functioned as executives for private and public home builders and lenders. They understand the residential sector’s challenges and deadlines, not just the capital end. They know virtually every project has ups and downs, so their decision making takes that into account.

Stable – Presidio’s funding comes from a single, trusted firm. This relationship, which began in 1998, gives us a significant operational advantage over many other capital providers, enabling us to infuse more than $2.0 billion into residential development. 

Presidio’s capital structure for a start-up company like BlackPine Communities was instrumental. We’ve been able to stay focused on our execution at the home building level without distraction…

Michael Paris
Founder, President & CFO
BlackPine Communities
I have provided banking services to Don Faye for over twenty years. Since Don formed Presidio Residential Capital with Paul Lucatuorto, I have had the opportunity to continue this lending…

Celeste Gladych
SVP, Manager - Real Estate Industries Group
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Our partnership with distinguished capital partners Don, Paul, and their team, allows us to create exclusive neighborhoods like Westerly at Rancho Tesoro in San Marcos…

Robert Thorne
California West Communities
Don Faye and Paul Lucatuorto are very knowledgeable about residential building, and they understand the value of working together to accomplish common goals…

Joe Leal
San Joaquin Valley Homes
There’s a lot of capital in the market. In looking for new relationships, it’s really like getting married. Presidio understands our business but allows us to run our business…

Brian Ross
Oakpointe Communities
We know that Lewis Group will enjoy very much working with Presidio on future developments. We value our friendship and relationship…

Richard A. Lewis
President - California Division
Lewis Group of Companies
Don and Paul and their team are smart, sophisticated business people. They said they wanted to be our partners, and man, have they ever lived up to that statement…

Rudy Herrera
Family Development Homes
It is my honor to be a joint venture partner with Don Faye and Paul Lucatuorto, as we have been working together for over 20 years. I have the ultimate respect for Don and Paul…

Gary Arnold
Pebble Creek
Over the past 12 years we have participated together in excess of $150 million in equity transactions involving the development and construction of over $2 billion of real estate…

Scott McMillin
The Corky McMillin Companies
We only do business with people and organizations we trust and enjoy. With that criteria, we consider ourselves privileged to do business with Presidio…

Ure R. Kretowicz
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Cornerstone Communities Corporation
Presidio Residential Capital fills an urgent need in the real estate industry right now – development and construction equity for private builders.

John Burns
John Burns Real Estate Consulting
The people at Presidio are knowledgeable, experienced and understand what I want to achieve. They don’t follow your typical institutional model; they have a much more personal approach.

Gary Grossman
Coastal Community Builders, Inc.
I got reacquainted with Don and Paul during a very in-depth meeting. It was a very positive, comprehensive meeting about the past, present and future of my company, and it just clicked…

Rick Lafferty
Lafferty Communities
Coastal Community Builder’s involvement with Presidio has been extremely beneficial. Together, we’ve been able to purchase and control a large percentage of projects on the Central Coast…

Dave Daniels
Vice President of Acquisitions & Construction
Coastal Community Builders
Privately held Los Angeles-based homebuilders have become a rare breed. Alongside our seasoned team, Don and Paul have proven to be very smart and steadfast partners…

Lance Williams
Founder, President and CEO
Williams Homes