Northern California

  • Amber Field is an environmentally friendly community on 9.84 acres with 36 single-family homes. There are four floor plans and three elevations: Farmhouse, Italian Villa and Italian Country. The development includes many sustainable features, including prep for solar panels, low-water landscaping and electric car outlets.
    36 Units
    Brentwood, CA

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  • AutumnWood is a nine-acre, 46-unit community in Citrus Heights, Sacramento County. It features three-bedroom single-family homes with two-car garages, ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 square feet. The community is surrounded by established residential neighborhoods with easy access to the Sacramento River and the American River bike and hiking trails.
    46 Units
    Citrus Heights, CA

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  • Blume is an 8.97-acre community in southwest Santa Rosa with 51 detached homes on lots averaging 4,500 square feet and 16 attached homes on lots averaging 2,236 square feet. The community has water-efficient landscaping and the homes have ultra-low-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
    67 Units
    Santa Rosa, CA

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  • Brioso Reserve, an 18-unit community adjacent to vineyards on 7.19 acres in Napa features several different floor plans with elevations depicting Tuscan and Napa Rustic design. Located on spacious lots with a median size of 13,466 square feet, these single-story homes have private wine tasting rooms, vaulted ceilings and spa-style master bathrooms with stunning views of the Mayacamas Hills to the west.
    18 Units
    Napa, CA

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  • Curtis Park is a 71-acre mixed-use community on a former Union Pacific rail yard next to one of Sacramento's most sought-after legacy neighborhoods. Curtis Park Village features 86 cottages, brownstones and estate homes that integrate seamlessly into the neighborhood. Residents have access to a community park and extensive walking trails.
    86 Units
    Sacramento, CA

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  • Decoto Crossing is a 1.6-acre community with one- and two-story single-family homes ranging from 1,900 to 2,400 square feet. Centered around a beautifully landscaped private courtyard, the homes have covered front porches and many energy-efficient features. The neighborhood is directly adjacent to the popular Alameda Creek Trail.
    10 Units
    Fremont, CA

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  • Evergreen is an 18-acre property located in Morgan Hill, which is 20 miles south of Silicon Valley. The 256-unit property consists of 182 apartments and 74 homes and townhomes. The Silicon Valley has abundant employment opportunities, including Apple and Kaiser Permanente as two of the top five employers.
    256 Units
    Morgan Hill, CA

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  • This community features 126 modern farmhouse-style homes with open floor plans that emphasize outdoor living. A park will ring the perimeter of the 18-acre community, which will also include a recreation center with a swimming pool, a nature preserve and direct access to extensive bike trails.
    126 Units
    Folsom, CA

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  • The Commons is a 1.7-acre community with 12 homes on 3,485- to 6,056-square-foot lots and includes a park with an arbor and benches. Located in Santa Clara County at the southern tip of Silicon Valley, The Commons is about 30 minutes from major Bay Area employment centers, one mile from a Caltrans station and close to parks, hiking trails and golf courses.
    12 Units
    Morgan Hill, CA

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  • The Creamery is an eight-acre urban infill development of 122 contemporary-style three-story homes on two and a half city blocks in Sacramento's historic Alkali Flat neighborhood. Located on the former site of the Crystal Cream & Butter Company, the community is an important piece of revitalization efforts for the downtown area.
    122 Units
    Sacramento, CA

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  • The Gables is a 9.4-acre community at the northwest corner of Watsonville Road and Monterey Road. It consists of 37 single-family homes ranging from 1,400 to 2,105 square feet with amenities that include a bocce ball court and a playground.
    37 Units
    Morgan Hill, CA

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  • The Village at Fair Oaks is a 6-acre community that features 55 two-story detached homes; the first to be built in the Fair Oaks/Carmichael area in two decades. The established neighborhood with mature oak trees offers pedestrian access and bike trails to the American River, two miles away, and access to boating and rafting on the nearby Sacramento River.
    55 Units
    Fair Oaks, CA

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  • Located on the last remaining parcel of the former Davis family ranch in Fair Oaks, Calif., Woodbury is a 6.5-acre community with 17 executive ranch-style homes. Folsom Lake and the American and Sacramento Rivers are within five miles of the site.
    17 Units
    Fair Oaks, CA

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